Rebels With A Cause

It's time to talk about Spiritual Abuse. It's a Beast, one that I'm calling out of the shadows, banging a trash can lid and saying "Come and Fucking Get It!". I will discuss my own experiences with Spiritual Abuse in these 3 different settings: churches, bible school, and the missions organization of Youth With a... Continue Reading →

The Lemon Tree

I have lemon trees growing in my backyard, and in the front yard of my workplace. When I drive down the hilly highway, I see them dotting the plots of land. When it's golden and sunny, I sit underneath the growing lemons trees and breathe. We all know the saying "When Life gives you lemons....".... Continue Reading →


Living in limbo is akin to floating in the air on the string of a balloon. You are fully aware that at any moment the balloon could burst--WILL burst-- and down, down, down you would go. If you look back at my blog (and if I hadn't deleted the years of backlogged posts dating pre-YWAM... Continue Reading →

Rice Cakes

Sometimes, I like to sit in the chapel of the monastery down the road. I find it calming-the incense stinging my nostrils, the steady creaking of the wooden pews, the heavy hush. The sunlight comes in from the high windows and fills the space with buttery warmth; I almost fall asleep, every time. I like... Continue Reading →

Strange and Wonderful Things

I've written quite a few posts staring a Very Important Person, Steven. I apologize in advance how this blog just might morph into one of those Christian-relationship-blogs where I pose with seasonal floral backdrops and knitted hands on the pages of a Bible. But for now, I'll spare you. I struggled for the first 7... Continue Reading →

The Real World

I've had a love-hate relationship with social media for years. The past 2 years, I've been obligated to keep my Facebook for professional reasons, but finally I have found the loophole that helps me get rid of it once and for all. I've also spent a good part of the past year without Instagram. When... Continue Reading →

Culture and Wisdom

One misty French morning, I made my way to Monday morning worship on campus. It seemed like any other Monday: the reluctant feet of early risers, the coffee, the cheerful "Bonjour!" between coworkers as they gathered in the sanctuary. Worship commenced and I was in "the zone". That's when God dropped The Big One. In... Continue Reading →

Sickness: Cure

Self-diagnosis: depression. Chronic. Years and years of. It started after high school, when I left to go to Texas for a nanny job. I was struggling to find a purpose in what I was doing. Having always had amazing groups of friends throughout my life, this was my first time doing life alone. I relished... Continue Reading →


  “That’s because love is never stationary. In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does.” ― Bob Goff If there ever was a surprising turn of events, it was meeting someone consequential on the eve of a Big Move to a Big Important Job in... Continue Reading →

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