Excuse me, while I write this, after downing 2 glasses of very cheap Sauvignon and handfuls of chocolate: it's just something I need to write about. Today was a rough day, in a rough month. I sometimes take a step back and replay the day, viewing myself as the unbiased outsider. What is this grown... Continue Reading →


I survived 2016. I've always scoffed at the idea of merely "surviving" ordeals. I want to thrive. I want to live in the midst of chaos and love every moment. However, this year has been the worst of my life. I will say that truthfully. There were moments so low, I couldn't get out of bed.... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: This is in no way an attack against non-profits, missionaries, YWAM or any other organization. The purpose is to open this topic up to discussion and ask questions I don't hear being asked enough. want to be a missionary. Spread the Love of Christ to those far and wide, near and dear. There... Continue Reading →

The Point

    "At the still point, there the dance is."   I've muttered this back to myself, rolled it on my tongue, let it shift into the creases of my mind for months. "At the still point, there the dance is..." Amidst this long and befuddling poem of Eliot's, in this quote, there the truth is.... Continue Reading →

Also, the “G” Words

God is too good to be unkind. He is too wise to be confused. If I cannot trace His hand, I can always trust His heart._Spurgeon   "Grace"..."Goodness"..."Guarantee": these are the other faith-growing alliterations so poignant in my life right now. I was running  past wildflowers, horses, small ponds and the occasional bunny and thought... Continue Reading →

The “C” Words

I know, O Lord, that the way of man is not in himself, that it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.__Jeremiah 10:23   "Commitment"....."Control"....."Conceipt" : the gros mots of my life. In the past few months I've had the opportunity to inspect with hyper clarity some aspects of my life that I had... Continue Reading →

This Is Life…

  I want to go somewhere, go somewhere in search of something. Something real, something enduring. I want to seize hold of life..." _Shusaku Endo   Yesterday, the 14th of May 2016, was the marked day for my departure to Laos. Was. Planned, packed, and nearly ready to go, one day in April I was informed that... Continue Reading →

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